Desperate times, my friends

As some of you know, the Littlest Brewster has been dealing with a mild cough for going on 3 months now.

Now, DB and I are dutiful (and slightly paranoid – oh, wait – paranoid only applies to me…) parents. So we have taken her to the pediatrician on 4 separate occasions to have said cough checked out.

Every time, the doctor tells us that a) it’s probably viral, so antibiotics won’t help and        b) she’s probably getting the virus germs from the other kiddies at daycare. So as long as she’s in daycare, she may have a mild cough.

And it always has been mild. It didn’t affect her regular breathing, didn’t interfere with sleeping, didn’t put her off eating… But over the last day or so (since Tuesday, when we asked the doc about it again ), it’s gotten a bit worse.

So tonight, we decided that tomorrow, we would ask for some antibiotics just in case it is bacterial. ((I’m a nurse and I know all about how excessive antibiotic use created MRSA and other super bugs. I still think she needs a broad-spectrum antibiotic to knock this out.)) Well, knowing that she’s going to get treatment tomorrow is apparently not good enough for the Littlest Brewster. She feels ucky and she wants you to know it.

So I am typing this as she sleeps (finally!!) in my arms and preparing to let her do so until its DB’s turn. Because desperate times call for desperate measures – and when she obviously feels bad and the only place she can sleep is on one of us, I’ll let her do it. ((This has never happened before and will only be repeated if/when she’s sick.)) So wish us luck with our first night of “bed-sharing” (even if it is the recliner and not a bed) and send healthy thoughts out way.

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