At least we know it works!

As we spent the majority of the weekend kicking back in the pool, we had plenty of opportunity to try out the Littlest Brewster’s super-cute swim diaper by Bummi.

I kept waiting, with some trepidation, for what I knew had to happen by the end of the weekend.

This afternoon, it happened.

The Littlest Brewster pooped in the pool.

BUT, her swim diaper was awesome and the entire mess was contained. ((Well, I did make the unfortunate discovery that it’s not a good idea to press against the diaper, even accidentally, when it is poo- and water-logged. Not a good experience…))

It was super easy to clean up – we laid her on a towel, scraped the, um, mess up with a paper towel, rinsed the diaper with the hose, and bam! We were back in the pool in no time!

Unfortunately, LB is rapidly outgrowing the Bummi we have (the medium size, which is supposedly good to 22 lbs but I doubt it), so we’ll have to get a large one pretty soon.

So, I can say that DB and I definitely recommend the Bummi swim diaper. It is cute, dries quickly, holds in the poo like it is supposed to ((Originally, I was totally freaked out by the fact that swim diapers don’t actually hold in pee too – but then I realized that 99.9% of adults still pee in the pool. And her quantity of urine surely pales in comparison to their quantity of urine. So I got over it.)), and only costs about $13. It is a little bulky and I can’t see trying to cram it under one of the ridiculously cute bathing suits they make for little girls. I have a feeling LB will be the baby rocking it out at the beach in nothing but her diaper, but hey – everyone loves that kid.

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