The Littlest Brewster got to meet her future BFF

As you all know, Schmiddie, one of my best friends, had her beautiful daughter Suzy one month exactly after I had LB. Many, many miles and an ocean had prevented us from getting the babies together until yesterday, when they got to have their first play date!

LB seemed more interested in Schmiddie than in Suzy, but she still seemed to like Suzy all right. Also, she’s working on her second tooth and had just woken up from a nap when they arrived, so LB was just a little grumpy for their first meeting.



It was really nice to compare notes with Schmiddie and see how other people parent and how other babies grow up. Although one thing was weird – I’m used to being able to put the Littlest Brewster on the ground and give her a toy if I need to get something done; she’ll either sit and entertain herself or crawl off to find something with which to entertain herself. But Suzy, being a month younger, isn’t quite there yet. At one point, I was holding her and I needed to do something and I was just at a loss as to what to do with her. Luckily, Schmiddie was there, so I just gave her back to her mama.

I also got to compare mommy notes with my friend Elise yesterday on the phone for the first time! We’ve been pen pals for months now, but we finally got to catch up in real time, if not in person. It was really nice to chat with a fellow mom who seems to have a similar dry wit.

Funny story that is typical BrewsterMama – last weekend I texted Elise and said, “I know it’s hard for you to talk on the phone, but I think for my birthday, you should have your husband watch Ella for 30 minutes so we can finally chat.” Well, I got a text back saying, “I think you have the wrong number. Who is this?” I checked, and sure enough, I had texted some random person asking him or her to call me and talk about our babies….

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