How can something so cute make so much poop?

One thing that you will learn, very quickly, when you have a baby is that she has this amazing ability to make far more wet and poopy diapers than you could have ever imagined. Honestly, how can that much waste come out of such a cute little package that only eats liquids!?!?

Here’s a rundown on the equipment you’ll need to deal with the diapering situation.

Changing Table: We bought a set of nursery furniture that came with a changing table, and I’m glad we have it. It’s got drawers and shelves and is the perfect height for wiping your little one’s heiney. However, I really think that the top of a dresser with a changing pad on it would have worked just as well and been more useful in the long run. Also, because the changing table is in our nursery, we use it maybe once a day. The rest of the time we change LB’s diapers on the kitchen table (with a pad under her!), on the living room floor, in the back of the car, wherever we happen to be. So, while it’s nice to have one, it’s not a requirement.

Diaper Genie: I did not register for this but received it as a gift at my shower. I will say that it works very well at containing any odors. But again, it’s in the nursery and we put maybe one diaper a day in it. Now, if I were a stay at home mom and always changed my daughter in the same place and didn’t want to put the dirty diapers in the kitchen trash, the Diaper Genie would be the best thing ever. But, since we take our trash out pretty much daily, there is no real need to have one. Also, in a competition between what smells stinkier, I think the BeerCats’ litterbox will beat LB’s diaper any day of the week. Maybe we’ll start using the Diaper Genie for them….

Diapers: The DreadBrewer and I talked at length about possible putting our baby in cloth diapers. He was very pro-cloth diaper, I was more on the fence. Ultimately, we were a little discouraged by the initial investment required to outfit the Littlest Brewster in cloth and decided to just do disposables. And, we figured it would probably be easier to do disposables in daycare anyway. We did NOT have a preference for diaper brands before we had LB and we can’t claim we’ve made an exhaustive trial of all of the brands out there. In fact, we’ve only tried two brands: Pampers and Huggies. And we are definitely a Pampers family. The one time we put LB in Huggies for a few days was the only time ever that she developed diaper rash. We switched her back to Pampers, slathered her butt with ointment, and vowed never to use Huggies again. However, I know plenty of people who swear by Huggies and say that their baby got a rash with Pampers. And I know still more people who hate both brands and only use Luvs. Or Up & Up. Or use some other brand. It seems that which brand of diapers is best is a very personal opinion and best determined on your own through trial and error. All I can say is that we love Pampers.

Wipes: This is a category not unlike the diapers category – the wipes you use seem to be largely a matter of personal preference. But, I can tell you what we use and absolutely love: the Up & Up unscented, sensitive skin wipes from Target. We buy the biggest box they have and its only, like, $13. They’re very cloth like, don’t fall apart, don’t leave a slimy residue on LB’s bum, and don’t stink like some of the other wipes we’ve tried. Also, they have actual cotton in them (as evidenced by the Cotton logo on the box) and we think that’s pretty cool.

Wipe Warmer: this falls in the category of completely unnecessary. If your baby is used to only having nice warm wipes on her heiney, one day you will be stuck in the middle of BFE and need to use a non-heated wipe and have World War III on your hands. A cold baby wipe never killed anyone. If you want to waste your money, waste it on something else that is completely unnecessary but way cuter… like yet another outfit for your little one.

Boudreaux’s Butt Paste: In all seriousness, you need to buy the biggest tub of this that you can find. If you can find it in 50 gallon drums, let me know because I love it that much. Every night before bed, we slather the Littlest Brewster’s bum with a thick coating of this. And she has never (well, except for the Huggies incident…) had diaper rash. Ever. And it works for other stuff as well. Little spot of eczema acting up? Put some Boudreaux’s on it. Baby got a sore chin from teething dribble? Boudreaux’s will clear that right up. It smells awesome. It wipes off easily. It’s the best stuff ever.

Diaper Bag: Being the Vera Bradley snob that I am, I knew I wanted to get a Vera diaper bag. Now, there are quite a few husbands that would not be caught dead toting a huge, magenta, flowered diaper bag. Luckily, DB could give a crap and let me get whatever diaper bag I wanted. It’s got lots of pockets, a wipeable interior, and a little pad to put under LB when we need to change her on the fly. I have also heard that the Skip Hop diaper bags are really nice, as are the Petunia Picklebottom ones. In a pinch, though, all you need is any bag large enough to tote around all of the crap supplies you need for your little one. It doesn’t need to be cute. It doesn’t need to be Vera. (Although it definitely makes it cooler if it is…)

On the subject of diaper bags, and as a last section to this post, I’ll give you a quick run down on the things that I have in my diaper bag and consider essentials. ((It has definitely decreased since I first started toting LB around. At first, I brought everything I could possibly think she might need. Now I’ve pared it down to things that are actually necessary.)) I’m sure that as she gets older, things will get added in as other stuff is taken out, but this is what we have now:

5 to 8 diapers

Pack of wipes

Tube of Boudreaux’s Butt Paste

Changing Pad

1 or 2 spare onesies

2 washcloths

At least 1 spare pacifier

At least 2 toys – preferably a quiet one and a noisy one

A bottle of ready-to-feed formula and a disposable nipple

This leaves me with room in the bag for my stuff, so I’m not stuck with a diaper bag and a purse. Although I don’t mind if I have to bring them both, since they’re Vera Bradley. What can I say? I don’t spend my money on clothes or shoes or cosmetics – I spend it on beer, gardening supplies, and Vera Bradley bags. 🙂

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