So, we’re losers…

We’re on vacation in the Caribbean.
At a beautiful resort.
With the Littlest Brewster safely in the care of my parents for the week.

And what do we do?

Spend 30 minutes watching videos of LB on the iPad because we miss her so damn much.

It is hard, hard, hard being a parent.

You long for a moment (or two) to yourself and when you get it, you long to be with your child.

Maybe we can eventually strike the perfect balance? There’s always hope.

1 thought on “So, we’re losers…

  1. That’s not all you do. You also write blog posts.

    Not doing so well on the “sitting by the pool drinking gin and tonics” side it seems.

    There are pictures of someone’s feet by the pool that your sister has, but I’ve seen nothing to conclusively link those feet to you, so for all I know you were never even there.

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