There are doubting Thomases, my friends!

There are those who don’t believe that we managed to make it away and enjoy ourselves.

Well, we have. And I have proof!

So here are a few photo teasers of our trip:

Hanging out by the pool


Playing with the kayak


Breakfast at the Mango Reef Restaurant (where, naturally, we befriended and fed the stray island cats)


And me, proudly holding the conch I found on our snorkel trip today. This is actually the fourth conch I found, but the first I had actually managed to pick up, the sneaky bastards.


So we are here.
And we are having fun.

But it is hard to leave real life behind, at least for someone as anal retentive obsessive much of a worrier as I am. I’m trying to relax and let it all go…

But it has been an amazing vacation. And I intend to enjoy tomorrow, our last full day, to the utmost.

And if I could figure out a way to put in an emoticon that stuck its tongue out and said “So there, John!” – I would 😉

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