We did NOT get lost in the Bermuda triangle, I swear!

We got back safely to Raleigh Sunday morning and I have had every intention of updating the blog before now.

In fact, I’ve started multiple posts at various points over the last few days.

But, as usually happens, life intervened and I’ve simply been too busy.

June bug and squash bug garden infestations, a week’s worth of laundry, a week’s worth of cat hair, working, grocery shopping, unpacking, cleaning – there has been a severe shortage of free time.

On top of that, the Littlest Brewster has a fever after just 3 1/2 days back in daycare.

The DreadBrewer is currently trying to convince her that she does not want to cry because she doesn’t feel well, she wants to go to sleep. Fingers crossed that he’s very persuasive.

Updates are coming, though. This weekend. I promise. Well, I’ll try…

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