Finally, the 7 month update!

Everyone talks about how time flies when you have children. I was pretty sure they were lying, as the wait for a child seems interminable. How would it be so different when said child finally arrived?

Well, it’s true. Time flies when you have a child. Before you know it, it’s not only time to write the 7 month update for your little monkey, it’s over a week late!!! I simply cannot believe how quickly the last 7 months have flown by; it boggles the mind.

The Littlest Brewster has acquired quite a few skills since her last monthly update. She’s a crawling champ!! This is proper hands and knees crawling; none of that “army crawling” for our little girl! (There are a lot of kids at daycare who utilize the army crawl to get about, but LB has never been interested in it.) She’s quick as lightning, particularly when she’s headed toward the one object in the whole house we don’t want her to get – like the cats’ food bowls. Or the cats’ water bowls. Or the cats’ litter box. Or the cats themselves. We’ve attempted to rig up some “LB containment units” but she hates them. Now that she’s mobile, she wants to roam freely around the house.

“Let me out of here!!!”

She’s also mastered the art of pulling up on things and standing. She hasn’t quite gotten the hang of standing up without something to grasp for support, although I’m sure that’s coming soon. Her current favorite activities are crawling around, pulling up, and finding objects to nom upon.

Isn’t she impressive?

The Littlest Brewster, taking after her parents, looooves food. ((Well, except for the last few days. But nobody likes to eat when his or her throat hurts…)) So far, she’s had apples, avocado, bananas, beets, cantaloupe ((Well, muskmelon actually, but Americans don’t really make the distinction.)) , carrots, pears, rice, squash (acorn and butternut), sweet potatoes, watermelon, and zucchini. ((I hope you all noticed that I alphabetized the list. As it should be.)) She’s pretty keen on everything but the zucchini and usually has 2 “meals” a day of a starch and a fruit or vegetable. She’s also working on drinking water out of a cup; we tried the sippy cup, but she just played with it, so I think she’ll do better with a traditional cup. She knows that liquid comes out of it, she just hasn’t mastered sipping/swallowing. More of it ends up down her front that in her belly, but it’ll get better. She’s also still drinking 5 7oz bottles a day; I figure that amount may go down as we add more solids.

Here she is after washing her beets down with a bit of water

Trying to share Grandpa’s drink (and no, he did not give her any)

Another food milestone that LB accomplished this month was learning to feed herself puffs! She really loves them (I don’t think they’re particularly flavorful, but whatever) and enjoys picking them up by herself. Sometimes she gets them stuck in the palm of her hand, as opposed to thumb and forefinger, and she can’t quite figure out where the food went.

Mmmmm, puffs…..

LB is a fabulous sleeper and has been for awhile, going down around 6:45 at night and sleeping until about 5:45 the next morning. She’s super cute when she’s asleep – she likes to tuck her knees under her and stick her little heiney up in the air. The DreadBrewer and I love to sneak in and watch her sleeping, but I’m pretty sure all parents do that. There’s something about how sweet she looks when she’s asleep – I love it. Naps at home tend to be in the swing, which she’s rapidly out growing, so we’re going to have to master the art of the crib nap soon.

Favorite sleep position

I weighed her the other morning and she clocked in at a whopping 22 lbs! She’s definitely got some thighs on her; as the DreadBrewer wants her to play soccer, I’m sure they’ll come in handy. She’s still wearing size 3 Pampers, although I don’t know for how much longer. The box says up to 28 lbs but I think that’s a lie. Clothes-wise, she’s wearing a few 6-9 month things but the majority of her outfits are 9-12 months. ((She actually has one outfit that’s 18 months, but I think it’s just poor manufacturing. She’s not that big!))

And at last, the real point of this post: her 7 month photo! It was a busy day, hence the slightly less exuberant than usual photo. 🙂 We’ll do better next month.

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