Mystery illness strikes again!

Many of you (okay, all 4 of my loyal readers…) may remember the mystery cough and stuffiness that plagued the Littlest Brewster for weeks before we finally got it cleared up with a round of antibiotics.

Well, now she has a mystery fever and sore throat and fussiness….

It all started last Thursday, when daycare called to let me know that she was extra cranky and wasn’t finishing her bottles like usual. Now, LB takes after her parents in regards to food (as in, none of us is going to pass up a meal) – so for her not to finish her bottles is highly unusual. Also, she’s the happiest baby I’ve ever met, so extreme crankiness is a definite red flag for her.

That evening, she spiked a temp of 101.9. We gave her some Tylenol and asked one of our friends to stay with her on Friday since daycare was out.

Friday was much of the same – clingy, fussy, not finishing her bottles. She’d get about half of it down and then refuse the rest. As she was drooling up a storm, we figured it was another tooth coming in.

Saturday was a repeat of Friday with one difference – she started getting more miserable in the evening. So Sunday, I started looking things up on the web and everything I read pointed to her having an ear infection. Okay, no big – we’ll take her to the doctor first thing Monday morning, get some antibiotics, knock this thing out, and get our happy baby back.

Last night, however, was a true initiation into the world of parenthood and the uncomfortable things we are willing to put ourselves through for our children. LB would not, could not, sleep lying flat. She could sleep, fitfully, if she was upright on me or the DreadBrewer. So that’s what we did – got set up in the spare bedroom with a pillow throne and spent the night alternating between dozing, comforting a crying baby, and lying awake wondering if we should go to the hospital now instead of waiting for the morning. (I’m a catastrophist – I can’t help it. My imagination runs rampant….)

Trying to comfort a cranky LB

Convincing her that she does indeed want to eat

We made it through the night, only slightly worse for wear, and got to the doctor’s office as soon as it opened this morning.

Of course, the Littlest Brewster’s ears checked out just fine. The doctor said her throat did look red and sore, so we did a finger stick to check her white blood cell count for infection. That was elevated, a sign that her body is fighting something, somewhere.

The next step for our poor baby was getting catheterized so they could check for a UTI. She went through the procedure like a champ, better than some of my adult patients actually. Of course, her urine came back fine. No infection.

So then I insisted they run a strep throat swab. Which, of course, came back negative.

The doctor told me that she thinks she just has a virus and that it has to run its course. Offer frequent fluids, Tylenol as needed for the sore throat, keep an eye on her.

Again, we have a cranky, sick baby and no clue as to what’s causing it. Stupid childhood germs….

All I can say is that her immune system better kick ass when she’s older from fighting all these little colds and viruses at such an early age.

That, and I sincerely hope she gets better soon. I want my happy baby back.

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