Beer planning has begun!

The other day, I had a conversation with a patient about brewing and it made me realize how much I miss having a beer bubbling away in the guest bathroom brew closet.

Then Sunday night the DreadBrewer and I sat out and tentatively mapped out the beers we want to brew during the 2012-2013 brew season – and I am so excited!!! I can’t wait to start up operations here at BeerCat Brewery again!

We’re going to do some old standbys this year – our porter, Tarbaby’s Vanilla Coffee Stout, the Ranger Clone – but I think we’re going to try some neat new recipes. There’s a really hoppy brown ale that DB has his eye on and I’d like to master a reasonably hoppy, easy-drinking pale ale. Most of our beers tend to have a rather impressive ABV, so it would be nice to create a tasty brew that clocks in around 5 or 6%.

We’re also going to throw in the towel (at least for the time being) on trying to brew a Hefeweizen. It’s just not a style that we’ve been able to do successfully and we’re both tired of having to slog through 2 cases of super banana-y beer. Maybe when we have a more consistently temperature controlled fermentation room we’ll be able to master the wheat beer.

Talking about brewing makes me realize that I never did finish my “Steps to Becoming a Homebrewer” series – I’ll start working on that again and hopefully have it posted soon for anyone who’s interested in giving it a try. Hanging out around a boiling kettle of wort is honestly one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon and I’m sure that anyone who tries it will agree with me.

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