So, this is embarrassing…

After completing my first 5K in July, I haven’t run since.

Not. At. All.

Between the 100-degree days, vacations, the Littlest Brewster’s mystery illness, work, and life in general – it just hasn’t happened. And it’s embarrassing and disheartening because I worked so hard to finish the C25K program….

But, back on the wagon I go! I’m off work tomorrow (the first day in at least month that I am off work and in town and do not have LB with me) and I’m planning on lacing up my sneakers again.

I figure it’ll be slow going at first, but that’s my own darn fault. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get back into the groove of running before work. Or it’ll finally cool down so I can run after work with LB. Either way, I need to work harder on fitting running into my schedule. It makes for a much happier, calmer (in my opinion) BrewsterMama – and that’s a bonus for everyone!

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