Changing things up

Just when I feel like the DreadBrewer and I have something remotely resembling a clue regarding LB’s schedule, needs, likes, dislikes, etc…. she changes it up on us. ((I have a feeling that this is a pattern that will continue until we are empty nesters and she is out on her own.))

The most recent change that we have been adjusting to has been the Littlest Brewster’s fairly sudden decision, all on her own, that she no longer wants 5 bottles a day, she would rather have 4.

See, before we added solid food to the mix, feeding LB was easy. Every three hours, like clockwork, she was hungry for a bottle.

Then we started on the solid foods adventure and things changed. She started spacing her bottles out. She stopped finishing the whole 7 ounces when she did want a bottle. Me being me, I fretted that we were starving her and she was going to waste away to a shadow of her former self. I also worried because “they” say that “Under one, food for fun” and that formula (or breastmilk) should be the primary source of nutrition up until age one. ((Although I wonder – does that mean at one year and one day, you abruptly switch to only solids? Is there some magical conversion at 366 days that means your baby no longer needs formula? How do they come up with these seemingly arbitrary dates?))

Well, last week, we adopted a new feeding schedule and it seems to be working pretty well. LB hasn’t withered away from lack of nutrition; she actually appears to like the new schedule much better than the old one.

Here’s a rundown of the change: ((Because I know you’re all waiting with bated breath to see how we’ve switched things up))

Old Schedule, just starting solids:
5:30 am – 7 oz bottle
8:30 am – 7 oz bottle
10:00 am – Snack (cereal or fruit or veggie)
12:00 pm – 7 oz bottle
3:00 pm – 7 oz bottle
5:30pm – Snack (fruit or veggie)
6:30 pm – 7 oz bottle

And yes, I know that 35 oz of formula is a lot of formula. LB has always been a good eater; she takes after her parents like that.

New Schedule, getting better at solids:
5:30 am – 7 oz bottle (which she may or may not finish)
8:30 am – Breakfast (cereal or yogurt and fruit)
10:30 am – 7 oz bottle
12:30 pm – Lunch (veggies and fruit and maybe a Baby MumMum)
3:00 pm – 7 oz bottle
5:30 pm – Dinner (veggies and fruit and maybe some puffs)
6:30 pm – 7 oz bottle (which she may or may not finish)

The pediatrician said that by 9 months she wanted her to be eating 3 meals a day, so we’ve got that covered. ((For those of you who lose track of time, she’ll be 8 months old next week.)) I figure that we’ll slowly increase the amount of solid foods and decrease the amount of formula as she gets closer and closer to one year old.

Honestly, though, I feel like we’re sort of making this up as we go along. It’s like, “Oh, she finished all of her food and acted like she wanted more? What the hell, let’s give her some more squash!” or “Hmmmm, she’s not finishing her bottles? I guess she doesn’t want it, so let’s take it away!”

When you add in the stress of trying sippy cups and the anxiety over whether her food is cut up small enough and the apprehension over food allergies and the worry (and obsession) over constipation versus diarrhea versus normal poops – it’s amazing that anyone actually introduces solid foods at all. It would be easier, and less nerve wracking, to give her a bottle until her 18th birthday. I think that would not be a good thing for her social development, however.

So we soldier on with the great science experiment that is parenting. And I feel like we’ve gotten a handle on this whole feeding thing, at least for the time being. I have a feeling that soon the Littlest Brewster will change things up again just to keep us on our toes. She’s wily like that.

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