If you’re a Mom…

There will be some days that you think you are losing your mind. Or you think you are a terrible mommy. Or you think that there is no one else in the world who thinks or feels the way you do.

And on those days (because trust me, there will be many), the best thing you can do is to find solace in the insanity of other mommies.

And I have just the place – or three.

There are four women who have gotten me through my first 7 months of motherhood with my sanity reasonably intact. I love these women, even though I have never met them.

When I found out my mother had Stage IV Lung Cancer, I found Kate and Lydia’s Funniest Rants. And I learned that I could still laugh…

When the Littlest Brewster had just gotten to the stage where I had stopped thinking about begging my OB to tie my tubes and I had started thinking about begging the DreadBrewer for another baby, I stumbled on to the Story of Brandon. And I decided to think long and hard before begging DB for that second baby. It may still happen, perhaps just not so soon….

When I was feeling like a terrible mother for really, truly savoring my time with the DreadBrewer and a deliciously alcoholic pint after LB goes down for the night, I found a post about drinking your face off from I Like Beer and Babies. And I learned that it is okay to want, no – to need, a little adult interaction and a lot of beer…

Honestly, though, Kate, Lydia, Elizabeth, and ILBAB (I wish I knew your name, because I’m sure we would be friends) ((Edit: I know your name now! And I’m still sure we could be friends. 🙂 )) – thank you for seeing a new mama through.

And thank you for letting me know that I am not losing my mind and I’m not a terrible person.

I’m just becoming a mother….

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