Just call me Martha

One of the docs where I work had a big birthday last week and, to cheer him up (he kept quoting that “Will you still love me when I’m 64?” song and generally moping about getting older), we organized a bit of a do.

Having determined that he really likes the chocolate-raspberry combination, I volunteered to bring some sort of dessert featuring those flavors.

I could have made something simple. But, me being me, I decided to make this Chocolate Raspberry Tart  The DreadBrewer totally called me on it this weekend as I was lamenting the expense and time involved in this dessert – he pointed out that I was making something so fancy to a) show off and b) gain the approbation of my coworkers. Which may or may not be true…

Anyway, I finished it up this morning and am going to bring it by the office later today (along with the Littlest Brewster. This way everyone will know that I am capable of making more than just wonderful desserts; I make wonderful children as well.) I am very proud of the finished product and can see myself making this again in the future as a special treat for the Brewer family.

Isn’t this the most delicious looking thing ever!?!?

Arranging the raspberries perfectly
appealed to my anal retentiveness

The little raspberries on top are out of our garden; I did have to supplement with some commercial raspberries to fill in the gaps.

DB got his own mini tart so as not to feel left out (that’s supposed to be a heart on top)

It honestly wasn’t that hard – just a little time consuming. And expensive. I’m sure there is a cheaper way to make it (substituting cream cheese for the mascarpone, perhaps, or using frozen berries) but it is delicious and I’m glad I made it the “right way” at least once.

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