8 Month Update!!

Another month has flown by and the Littlest Brewster is now 8 months old!!! ((Again, I am absolutely amazed at how quickly time is passing. Her first year will be over before I know it!))

Here are some of LB’s accomplishments from the past month:

Walking – The Littlest Brewster absolutely loves to hold onto things (like the coffee table or the exersaucer) and walk around them. She will walk from one destination to another while holding my fingers, but she would rather crawl because it’s faster. Also, the destination better be very exciting, otherwise she’ll just sit down on her butt and ignore your attempts to cajole her into walking. In the pool, she will hold on to the side and just make the circuit around the perimeter over and over and over…

Solid Foods/Sippy Cups – Just recently, LB has tried (and liked) mango and peaches and yogurt. She’s still not so sure about peas; she’ll eat them if they’re mixed in with her beets but acts like we’re poisoning her if they’re plain. I plan on trying cottage cheese, eggs, and green beans in the near future; we’ll see how that goes. In case you don’t remember, she’s now officially eating 3 meals a day, with 4 bottles interspersed. She’s gotten pretty good at the sippy cup, although she likes to bang it around and throw it. I’m pretty sure that’s a standard baby thing that she’ll (hopefully) grow out of quickly.

Sleep – The Littlest Brewster has always been a really, really good sleeper. Unfortunately, she (and we) have been having some ups and downs lately. She used to sleep from 7 pm until at least 5 am. But, ever since we got back from the beach, she’s started waking up anywhere from 2 am to 4 am – and a bottle is the only thing that will get her back to sleep. We’re sort of at a loss – Is she really hungry? Is she having a growth spurt? Is this just a bad habit that we’re enabling? Is she suddenly manipulative? Is she getting ready to make a huge developmental leap? I’ve been meaning to call the pediatrician and see what she thinks/recommends, but I haven’t done it yet. I sort of keep hoping that she’ll suddenly go back to sleeping well again without any need to let her cry it out or do some other “sleep training” method; and last night, she did sleep until 4:50. So maybe we’re over the hump?

Clothes/Diaper Sizes – Our not-so-little baby is consistently wearing at least 12 month, if not 18 month, sized clothes. I put her in a 12 month dress this morning and could barely snap it. It’s not just the girth, either. This one was waaaaay to short for her torso. She’s long and wide. She’s still in Size 3 Pampers but has started leaking at night; we might switch her to size 4 just for the night time hours, as the 3’s are still fine during the day.

Car Seat Upgrade – We officially switched her to a big-girl car seat a week or so ago. She was just too long and too heavy for the Chicco infant seat. We got the Evenflo Triumph from Amazon and she seems to like it. The straps rubbed her neck some, so we put those cute terry cloth strap covers on and it’s much more comfortable now. Her head flops over a bit when she falls asleep in the car, but since she doesn’t seem to mind, I’m not particularly worried.

General Personality – LB is the happiest, most outgoing, most good-natured baby I have ever met. She pretty much still only cries when she’s hungry or tired, although she is wanting to be picked up and played with more and more. She’s super nosy – we can’t even try to give her a bottle in a busy location because she’ll get so caught up in watching everything that she’ll refuse to eat. (It’s not like that with solids- she loves solids too much to forgo those!) She’s just an easy, happy, lovely little girl. ((And this isn’t just Mom-bias; everyone who meets her agrees!))

And here’s the best part of the monthly update – the 8 month photo! She’s so mobile and wriggly now that it’s hard to get a great picture. ((And by great, I mean essentially identical in position/outfit as all the other months. I personally think all her pictures are fabulous – just not necessarily good for comparison purposes.)) I figure if I can get her looking at the camera and happy and in a semi-appropriate position, I’m doing pretty good.


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