Weight Watchers Wednesdays

I have decided to start a new series here on BeerCat Brewing – not for your edification so much as for my own accountability.

See, I went to Weight Watchers this morning, per my usual Wednesday routine. And I hadn’t actually lost any weight. In fact, I was up a pound. Which has happened over the last few weeks with more and more regularity. Which does not make me happy. (This weight that I’m trying to lose isn’t even baby weight, so I can’t blame LB. I dropped my pregnancy pounds within 2 weeks of giving birth – feel free to curse me loudly and vigorously – but then my lazy butt started gaining again. I can’t seem to get out of the “I’m pregnant, I can eat whatever I want” mindset.)

So I’ve decided that, as the prospect of having to weigh in in front of a real live person isn’t apparently enough to keep me on track, I will start having to report in to you, my loyal readers. I’ll let you know about my progress with Weight Watchers, my success (or failure) at finding time for exercise, any new recipes we’ve tried, etcetera etcetera etcetera…

Who knows? Maybe I’ll never have to ashamedly tell you all that I’m up a pound or two. Maybe I’ll never have to admit that I didn’t exercise at all the entire week. Maybe I will be an unmitigated success who wows you all with my dedication and weight-loss prowess.

I doubt it.

But, if I manage to have an overall trend of weight loss and healthy living, despite any bumps in the road or vacations or celebrations or the million other reasons I can find for going off the wagon, I will consider myself a success.

Okay – now for the cold hard truth: my starting weight is 172 and my goal is 155. That is exactly 17 lbs or 10% of my starting weight (which means I get a nifty key ring when I get to goal at Weight Watchers! Woo hoo!).

Check in next week for a report on how it’s going. Hopefully I’ll have nothing but good news!

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