The Baby Shower Surprise

This past weekend, I (and my parents) flew out to Oregon to surprise my sister Jessie for her baby shower. This was a rather whirlwind trip for me, as I left after work on Friday, flew to Charlotte, met my parents, flew to PDX, had Saturday and Sunday morning with John and Jessie, and got back on the plane to come home by 12:30 Sunday afternoon.

But it was totally worth it to surprise Jess and be there for her shower. I miss her so much; the few times a year I get to see her are never enough.

On the way out, they advertised a few first class seats on the flight from CLT to PDX – my mom, who is the best traveling companion ever because she’s not going to go unless she’s going in style, was on that like white on rice. She got upgrades for all three of us and I proceeded to make the most of it by drinking my way across the continental United States. (Not really. But I do love me a free cocktail.) Of course I had to take pictures for the blog, which made the plebes in economy snigger at my gaucheness…

We landed around 10:30 Friday night but had to get the rental car, get lost on the way to the hotel, and lose (then find) my mom’s credit card before we got to sleep. Then we were up at the crack of dawn and in Hood River by 7:45 to surprise Jessie.

Which failed miserably because she wasn’t there.

We put the Krispy Kreme donuts we toted all the way from NC on the doorstep, rang the doorbell, and ran away to hide in the bushes. And we waited. And then we repeated the process. Again. And then we waited. Again.

Finally, Jenny (Jessie’s friend who is awesome and I wish lived in Raleigh so she could be my friend), stuck her head out the door and informed us that Jessie was at the grocery store with her other awesome friend Becky. Well, crap….

So we left the donuts on the doorstep and hid inside. And when she got back from the grocery, she was very surprised. And it was awesome.

The shower was that afternoon; Angie and Melissa did a wonderful job. Everything looked lovely and everyone was ridiculously nice and adorable and earthy in the characteristically Pacific Northwest way that they usually are. I wish I were near Jessie, particularly when the twins come, but she has a posse of phenomenal women to help in my absence.

John got home from Dublin just before the shower, which made Jess even happier. I always think that he and Jessie are so well suited for one another – I couldn’t be married to either of them, but they’re perfect together in my opinion. ((Granted, I’m pretty sure that neither of them would want to be married to me or the DreadBrewer and that they think that we’re perfectly suited. Isn’t it funny how you can find the perfect spouse for you and you alone? Kudos to Mike and Sarah because they too are perfect for each other and no one else. All of us somehow managed to find the other half of ourselves…))

Anyway, after this ridiculously long post, here are some of my favorite pictures from the weekend. When my butt is dragging from too much travel and too little sleep, I can look at these and remember it was totally worth it. 🙂

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