Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, I weighed in the morning.

I got on the scale with some trepidation given the amount of beer and rich food consumed in Oregon. But I did run three whole times this week, so that had to count for something, right?

And it did! I was actually down!!!! (Cue happy dance.)

Here are the stats:
This week’s loss/gain: -1.0 lb
Total loss/gain: -1.0 lb
Pounds to go to goal: 16.0 lbs

What worked: Fitting in running whenever I could, including dragging LB along with me and going after work (which I hate); Tracking slightly more consistently; Packing tons of low and no point snacks for work

What didn’t work: Using vacation as an excuse to skip tracking and eat a bunch of junk food; Sampling lots of different beers without tracking (Or caring! It’s Beervana out there!); Letting myself get so hungry that I eat anything in sight rather than planning and spacing out my points appropriately

So there you have it. First week not an overwhelming success, but a success nonetheless. Next week will be even better- I guarantee it!

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