Why visiting Charlotte rocks…

LB and I just got back from a long weekend visiting my family in Charlotte and I wanted to list for you all the reasons why these visits always rock.

1) The drive – The DreadBrewer hates taking highways on road trips and always strives to find the most off-the-beaten-path route possible. As a result, the drive from our house to my parents is on some lovely back roads and is especially enjoyable this time of year. Add in the fact that LB slept almost the entire way there and back and it was sublime.

2) My mom is a great cook. ((Even if we disagree on the length of edibility for leftovers.)) She always asks what I want for dinner and is always happy to make it. Case in point – she made lamb for me on Friday since DB doesn’t particularly care for it, so I rarely get it at home. (Although it helps that she and my dad love lamb too.) Also awesome: despite being a great cook, my mother is also a huge fan of not cooking and will gladly go out to eat a the drop of a hat. So we got to have some nice meals out as well. Add to that the fact that she is absolutely incapable of leaving Harris Teeter without buying a ridiculous quantity of tasty nibbles, and it’s no wonder I always leave a few pounds heavier…. Did I mention she loves red wine and has an amazing collection? And is happy to share it? Ah, the food….

Sunday Dinner: ((Which I actually had a high school boyfriend admit he kept dating me for, long after the relationship should have ended.))


3) My parents love the Littlest Brewster to distraction and are happy to watch her while I go galavanting around Charlotte. In addition, there are quite few on-call babysitters nearby who are practically chomping at the bit to get their hands on LB. So whenever I go visit, I can go do my stuff at the drop of a hat and know that LB is well taken care of.

4) Getting to see Mike and Sarah and Alex is so much fun and doesn’t happen nearly often enough. It was so cool to see LB interacting with him (although since they both go to daycare, neither of them was too impressed with the other). I’m really looking forward to them becoming close as they grow up and spend lots and lots of time together.

Alex and the Littlest Brewster:


Mike, Alex, and LB on the swing set:


Me, LB, Sarah, and Alex hanging out:


5) The Littlest Brewster loves taking naps on my dad. I don’t know what it is; she refuses to sleep on me unless she’s sick, but she will sleep on Grandpa at the drop of a hat. It is so precious and heart warming to see – I just love it.


6) My parents have the biggest, most awesome soaking tub ever. There are very few things I love more than taking a tub and visiting the ‘rents gives me a chance to soak daily. Our little tub at home (in which the DreadBrewer has informed me I look like Gulliver in a Lilliputian tub) just doesn’t cut it.

7) Finally, the little things that my parents do because they’re my parents and they love me and it’s how they show they love me. My dad fills my car up with gas for the ride home. My mom packs up a bunch of food for me and DB and toys or clothes for LB (she has a clothes buying compulsion, I swear!). Whenever I thank them for the extra effort or the little things or the big things, they always act like its no big deal; it’s just what parents do. I wonder if, in 20 years, the DreadBrewer will gas up LB’s car and I’ll pack her a huge cooler to take home like my parents do… I’d like to think so.

So there you have it – why I love visiting Charlotte. Oh, there are more reasons, of course – but these are the ones that stuck out this weekend.

And finally – Happy Grandparents Day ((Which my brother reminded me is today. Thank you, Mike!)) to the Littlest Brewster’s awesome grandparents!! My parents and the DreadBrewer’s mom are the best grandparents a kid could hope for and we are so lucky to have you in our family!!! We love you all!

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