Best. Day. Ever.

My unexpected day of freedom has to have been the best. day. ever. (Or at least in a long time.) Here is a recap (with photos!) of how I spent my day:

After I dropped the Littlest Brewster off at daycare, I decided to switch things up a bit and went inline skating instead of running. My Weight Watchers activity calculator says I earned 5 points for 25 minutes of skating, but I doubt it. It wasn’t that hard! But it was fun and I should try mixing it up more often.

I drank a lot of coffee ((Okay, only 3 cups – but when it’s a struggle to finish one before I’m out the door in the morning, 3 is pure decadence!)) while I caught up on all of my favorite blogs for a ridiculous amount of time 1 1/2 hours or so. It’s amazing how quickly time flies when you’re futzing around on the internet!

I anxiously waited for the results of my mom’s latest CT scan and we got mostly good news, so that was a huge bonus for the day.

I indulged in a little hedonism and took a nice long soak at 10:30 in the morning, complete with pore-purifying clay mask and a reasonably recent copy of Allure Magazine.

I’m going to look just like Katherine McPhee when I take off this mask…

Then, I drove up to Harris Teeter for some sushi for lunch. Harris Teeter is seriously one of my favorite places on earth, second only to Target, and I get entirely too excited about grocery shopping. So of course I had to wander around the store for a bit.

Naturally, the BeerCats just had to hover like vultures while I ate my sushi. ((And yes, I do eat my sushi with a knife and fork. I like to cut the ginger up into little pieces and put just the right amount of ginger and wasabi on each piece of sushi one by one. I’m anal retentive like that…))

Because there’s nothing more relaxing than eating with an audience.

I spent a couple of hours relaxing in the sun with my 4-month backlog of magazines and the scarf that I have been knitting for the DreadBrewer for going on 5 years now….

Doesn’t that look like a little slice of heaven?

After getting suitably sun burned for the end of summer, I picked LB up from daycare a little early and we went to the park. We took a walk and watched the turtles and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Then we came home and DB and I made spaghetti and meatballs from scratch. (Well, not the spaghetti – just the meatballs and sauce…) It smells delicious and I can’t wait to dig in after the Littlest Brewster goes to sleep. Which I am not in charge of tonight; DB is putting her to bed so I can sit with a nice glass of wine and work on the blog.

And then the awesomest thing to cap off the awesomest day – the doorbell just rang and this is what was waiting for me:

Isn’t DB the sweetest?

It’s going to be hard to go back to ordinary life tomorrow; being independently wealthy would be so much nicer than working for a living! But at least I’ll have my flowers to cheer me up – provided I can keep the BeerCats from nibbling them too much! ((And if I can’t, at least I’ll have a nice pile of urp awaiting my return to drudgery.))

2 thoughts on “Best. Day. Ever.

    • No beer – just a $6 bottle of red wine.

      I was going to crack a brew while sunning myself but thought that picking LB up from daycare with beer on my breath might be frowned upon…

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