Busy Weekend

Or perhaps this post should be titled “Why my weigh in is not going to be good this week….”

Saturday could not have started out more nerve wracking awesome. After DB gave the Littlest Brewster her 5:30 bottle, we all fell back asleep. Next thing I know, I roll over and it’s 7:55. And not a peep has come out of LB’s room. So I spring from the bed and charge in there, certain that something has happened (that’s my internal voice of foreboding font, by the way), and she’s just hanging out in her crib, playing by herself.

Next up were errands as a family and then lunch at one of our favorite spots, Tyler’s Taproom. It was even better this weekend because we had a coupon!

Now, this is the point where my Weight Watchers started to go off the rails…. I know better than to skip breakfast in an attempt to “save my points” for a heavy lunch or dinner. But I did it anyway, thinking that this time I wouldn’t stupidly order the least-healthy thing on the menu because I was starving. Ha! On the way over, I told DB that I wanted a huge salad (which was true). But did I order the huge salad? Nope. In a moment of hunger-fueled weakness, I ordered the buffalo chicken sandwich. With fries. And a side of ranch dressing.

It was delicious, but not really the best option. Of course, the pint of Hop Stoopid didn’t help my judgement (or my waistline) either…

Here are some pics from lunch:

LB being very solemn at Tyler’s

DB getting in the last of her sweet potatoes

Playing tug-of-war with her spoon

Enjoying Lagunita’s Hop Stoopid

After that, we just spent the afternoon hanging out. Well, the DreadBrewer pruned the raspberry bushes (which made him happy. He loves pruning things, usually to the ground…) and I hung out in the yard with LB. We’re working on clearing up her first real case of diaper rash, so I let her crawl around diaper-less to air out her bum. Naturally, she peed all over the blanket and her shirt. But better on those than on me, eh?

I then continued my fall from Weight Watchers grace with pizza for dinner…

Sunday, we went to one of the local garden centers to look for plants for our fall garden and then spent some time organizing our brewing equipment and getting ready for our first batch of the 2012 brew season. It’s coming up next weekend!!!!

I made this awesome risotto for dinner, using shallots from our garden which made it even better. It was terribly rich but incredibly delicious – and I had already ruined the weekend, points-wise – so why not?

Doesn’t that look worth the points?

Speaking of organizing our brew equipment, the DreadBrewer and I came up with an ingenious system for storing our Erlenmeyer flasks. They have been being kept in boxes, which takes up a ton of space on our brew shelf. So we put up a shelf between two studs and screwed in four rubber-coated hooks of varying shapes/sizes. And voila! Flasks suitably stored, brew shelf suitably cleared up. DB wants to find something to pad the tips of the hooks for more protection, which I can agree with given that the stupid things cost a pretty penny. I’m thinking that some of LB’s socks might be just the ticket.

Our nifty new storage method for our flasks

Aren’t we clever?

So there you have it. How we spent our weekend and why I am making no promises for Wednesday.

But it was so much fun, I’d do it all again. 🙂

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