Weight Watchers Wednesday

Well, I knew this day would come. It was inevitable that I would have to report a less-than-satisfactory weigh in at some point; it’s not surprising that it’s today given the distinct lack of self-discipline I’ve shown over the last week.

Okay, here’s the ugly truth (which isn’t actually that bad, considering…):

Loss/Gain This Week: +0.8 lbs
Total Loss/Gain: -1.4 lbs
Amount to Goal: 15.6 lbs

What Worked: Nothing. I did practically nothing weight watchers related this week.

What Didn’t: Let’s see – skipping breakfast in an attempt to save points for lunch; making food decisions after a few beers; not exercising once the entire week; the list goes on….

It drives me nuts, but I do this. I’ll have a couple of good weeks eating/exercise-wise and then I’ll have a week where I suck it up. And then I’ll have a couple more good weeks. And then I’ll suck it up. I’m very “two steps forward, one step back” – but at least the step back wasn’t so huge.

A quick recap, just because I think it’s illuminating, on the thought processes that led to my weight gain this week:

  • Friday Night: “Oh, you want to order pizza for dinner? Okay, I’ll just eat lightly tomorrow.”
  • Saturday: “I’ll skip breakfast and save my points for lunch.” “Okay, I blew lunch so I’ll eat lightly for dinner.” “Well, we don’t want to let the pizza go to waste… I’ll just eat lightly tomorrow”
  • Sunday: “Dang, I ruined the weekend anyway. Might as well eat the 28 point risotto too!”
  • Monday: “Our favorite Greek restaurant for lunch? Sure thing! The week’s already shot to shit anyway.”
  • Tuesday: “Well, the week is completely and totally ruined and I’m in an awful mood – bring on the food! And candy! And wine! I’ll get back on the wagon tomorrow…”

And that is how not to work the Weight Watchers program.

Next week, I will show you (hopefully) how to successfully work the Weight Watchers program.

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