9 Month Update

Time has finally slowed down a bit for me – the days between the Littlest Brewster’s 8 and 9 month updates didn’t fly by at the speed of light, merely at the speed of sound. Per usual, she is growing like a weed and gaining new skills by leaps and bounds.

Per her doctor’s appointment last Monday, here are her vital statistics:
Weight: 22.15 lbs (97th percentile)
Height: 29 inches (92nd percentile)

Formula: Our “little” girl still drinks between 24 and 28 ounces of formula a day, in addition to her solid food. According to the hand outs our doctor gave us, this is still a totally normal amount of formula for this age, so I’m not really worried about giving her too much.

Solid Foods: New foods that LB has tried and loved include: chicken, egg yolks, and pasta. New food that LB tried and hated: cottage cheese. She spit it out repeatedly, something she has never done with any food ever. We’ve also expanded our use of spices and are mixing apple pie spice, cinnamon, curry, garlic, ginger, Italian seasonings, and vanilla into her foods. ((And if you are all so unobservant that you don’t realize I alphabetize my lists for you, then you’re not my friends any more…)) I figure if we don’t eat bland boring food, why should she? And we’re using up the last of our purees and moving onto mainly finger foods. (A post about making frozen baby finger foods is in the works!) She really likes to feed herself – no throwing food on the ground for this girl! She would much rather put it in her belly!

Sleeping: We’ve been having some sleep issues lately that I do not want to go into right now. I will update you all when we get them sorted…

Diapers/Clothing: We have 100% transitioned to Size 4 Pampers. We tried to squeeze her into the 3s for a little longer just to finish them off and she ended up with a wicked case of diaper rash. Needless to say, we won’t be doing that again! In clothes, she is firmly in the 18 month camp. Anything smaller is simply too tiny and we would have to crowbar her in and out of it. Now that it’s getting cooler I realized we have way to many warm weather outfits and way too few pairs of pants. And only one jacket. So a shopping trip may be in our near future. Oh the horror! 😉

Crawling/Walking: LB is like lightning when she’s crawling. She can get from one of us to whatever object we absolutely do not want her touching in the blink of an eye. And somehow she always knows exactly what it is we would prefer she not touch and goes straight there… She will also happily walk along with you provided you’re holding her hand. She still isn’t standing unassisted and hasn’t taken any solo steps yet. But she can manage with just a little assistance and walks really well holding on to her scooter, so I don’t believe it’s that far off.

Talking: The Littlest Brewster consistently says “mamamama” for me and “dadadadada” for the DreadBrewer, although she will get excited and call me “Dad” and vice versa. She says something that sounds a lot like “Adieu” all the time, but I have no idea to what she’s referring. (Although DB insists that it’s really “Hi, Dad!”) “Baba” might or might not mean her bottle or her ball. And the cats aren’t called anything, they are merely squealed at as loudly as possible.

And now for the 9 month picture!


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