Weight Watchers Wednesdays

This week was pretty decent, though not as good as I’d hoped.

Here are the stats:
Current Weight: 169.6
This week’s loss/gain: -1.0 lb
Total loss/gain: -2.4 lb
Pounds to go to goal: 14.6 lbs

What worked: Only having one beer on weeknights ((at least, some of the weeknights)); packing lunch rather than eating whatever calorie-laden dishes the drug reps bring for lunch; being slightly better at tracking, although I’m definitely far from 100%

What didn’t: Waiting until I was ravenous before shopping at Whole Foods for my dinner (I did end up with a reasonably decent meal, even if I did spend too much ‘cuz I was gnawing my arm off); only getting exercise in the form of yard work and painting the hallway

My goal for this week will be to get back on the exercise wagon at least 3 days. We’ll see how it goes!

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