The $40 Watering Can

Yep, you read that correctly.

We are the proud owners of a $40 watering can.

This one, to be precise.

Why do we have such an extravagant watering can, you ask?

For two reasons:

1) The DreadBrewer has been lusting after this one for well over a year. He was going to buy it last year and I ridiculed him out of it convinced him that we shouldn’t spend that much on a watering can. But then he turned the big 4-0 this year and I told him I’d get him whatever he wanted (within reason) for his birthday. And this was one of the things he picked. So we got it.

2) We do an awful lot of watering and those $2.50 watering cans are honestly pieces of crap. They break, they’re hard to fill, they drill holes in the soil… the list goes on. When you spend as much time as we do in the garden, it makes sense to invest in quality equipment.

Now, DB being DB, he actually owned this watering can for two months before he ever used it. He has this tendency not to use the nice things I get him so that they will “stay nice.” This drives me nuts because what better way to show your appreciation for something than to actually use it? There have been a few times that I will break in whatever gift it is that he’s refusing to use just to remove that “new” mystique. I was on the verge of doing that with the Haws when our cheapo watering can self destructed and he had no choice but to use it! ((And no, I didn’t sabotage the other watering can. Although that would have been a good idea…))

I can honestly say that this watering can is totally worth every penny. It is so darn awesome that words can’t describe it. And I know – it’s just a watering can. But it’s not just a watering can; don’t you see? It is the watering can.

Look how stylish he looks!

Look at that gentle shower!!!

It almost makes me wish that our winter garden were bigger so we would have more things to water.

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