The Great Grub Exodus of 2012

Yesterday morning, I went outside for my run, only to find this:




They were everywhere. ((Every single spot in the above photos is a grub. Every single one…)) Wriggling and writhing and making this horrible pop whenever I accidentally stepped on one.

Of course I had to go back to the house to drag DB out to look and take some pictures. Then I tried to avoid as many as possible while running, although it was essentially an impossible task. I also tried not to listen to the hundreds of pops whenever a car drove by, another impossible task.

It was so gross.

Naturally when we went out to run errands later that morning, the DreadBrewer had to drive like a drunk and swerve from side to side, trying to run over as many as possible. All while saying, “Did you hear that pop? What about that one?” He’s considerate like that.

All I can say is that I hope they are dead and gone soon, because it is no fun running through a minefield of huge, squidgy grubs.

One thought on “The Great Grub Exodus of 2012

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