The Annual Pilgrimage

Today, the DreadBrewer and I are dropping the Littlest Brewster off with my grandparents and making our annual pilgrimage to Asheville!!!!

We started this tradition the year we got married and have gone for a long weekend every year since. It’s one of our favorite places to visit and I look forward to it all year long.

There have been some issues with finding a hotel or B&B that we like enough to return to; this year will be our fifth trip and our fifth different hotel. The others were all too dirty, too expensive, too small, or two dog-barking-all-nighty to stay at again. But this year, I have hi hopes. This year, we’re staying at the Asheville Cottages and it looks awesome. And clean. Really really clean. ((This obsession with cleanliness may be directly related to the fact that last year, DB had to plunger our tub the first night of our stay. So gross and yes, we should have left, but we didn’t.))

We’re going to try fly fishing with the Hunter Banks Company (one of DB’s 40th birthday wishes). We’re going to get a ton of some tasty beer from Wedge Brewing Company and Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. We’re going to sell some books and buy a bunch more at Mr. K’s Used Books (best used bookstore ever). We’re going to do some reading and relaxing. I’m going to work on the scarf I started on our first trip to Asheville that is still not done. We might take naps. And I am not going to update the blog until I get back. (This one may take some discipline.)

It is going to be awesome.

So check back next week for pictures and a recap of the awesomeness!!

And, a quick Happy Birthday to my phenomenal friend of 15 years (!) Schmiddie!!! I love you and hope you have a wonderful day!

2 thoughts on “The Annual Pilgrimage

  1. I love you too!! Has it seriously been 15 years?

    Thanks for thinking of me. You are the best. And have a GREAT time in Asheville. You deserve it!

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