Did you miss me?

I missed you – I think these past 6 days is the longest I’ve gone without posting since starting the blog!!! It was weird and nice to say “No posts on vacation!”

Anyway, we got back Sunday afternoon and we had a blast!

Some highlights from our trip:

Having our first beer and a celebratory stogie at Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company:

Some absolutely delicious gourmet chips, with goat cheese, truffle oil, and rosemary I Goan downtown Asheville:

Relaxing in the impeccably clean hot tub on our deck. The cabin was amazing!!!:

Me with my first fish of the day (a rainbow trout). Fly fishing was so awesome.

The DreadBrewer and one of his fishes. I caught more fish, but he caught more big fish, so he won.

Our awesome guide Reba – she was phenomenal and made the trip relaxed and enjoyable for everyone.

The end of our fishing trip – neither of us can wait to go again. It’s a shame it’s such an expensive hobby…

So happy to be on vacay together.

The coolest spot to get a beer in Asheville – Wedge Brewing Company:

Doesn’t it look like God is shining down with joy on our growlers? I thought so too…

The bear (yes, you read that right) we saw from the deck of our cabin. It was literally 50 feet away and so frighteningly awesome.


3 thoughts on “Did you miss me?

  1. Thinking about our expensive pants conversation, it is crazy they had you wearing those pants at all! That stream is so shallow! John will even just wade in above his knees. You did fancy-schmancy wuss fishing! 🙂

    • I went in up to my knees at one point!!! But I do agree the pants were kind of overkill – although they did make me feel official.

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