I will cut you.

Last night was a novel experience for me.

No, not that. Get your minds out of the gutter, people!

The “first” I did last night was – I went to a comedy show with my BFF Cris.

See, there was this week in late August when Cris’ mom’s house burned down. And her uncle accidently ran over her mom’s dog. And her husband had kidney stones. And her cousin was killed in a car accident. And her brother broke his foot. And in the midst of this, I heard an ad saying that Anjelah Johnson ((And if you don’t get the “I will cut you.” reference, watch the Bon QuiQui skit from Mad TV. I still die laughing every time I watch it…)) was coming to town. And I thought, “Ooooh – Cris loves Anjelah Johnson! This is just what she needs to cheer her up!” So I got us tickets.

I’ve never been to a stand up comedy show, so I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t actually be funny but everyone would laugh anyway because they didn’t want to be the only person not laughing. ((This is how my mind works all the time. It’s crazy – I know. And kind of exhausting.))

But it was awesome.

I picked her up after work (because it was a date, after all) and we went out to Bull City Burger and Brewery for some really tasty burgers before the show. They also brew their own beer and I had a delicious Black IPA. Cris doesn’t drink. And somehow, we’re still friends… And then we went to the show.

Did you know that stand up comediennes have opening acts? I didn’t. But Shang Wang (he says that is his real name; I’m not sure it wasn’t just for effect) was pretty funny.

And then Anjelah came out and she was really really funny. At first, I kept listening with one ear to make sure Cris was laughing and it wasn’t a really crappy friend date. But she seemed to be enjoying herself and said her face hurt from laughing so much, so eventually I just concentrated on the show and enjoyed myself too.

Of course, she did a little Bon QuiQui and a little Tammy, but most of it was stuff I’d never heard before. And she was hilarious.

I doubt I’ll become a groupie for the stand up comedy tours, but I’m glad we went. And I’m glad I could do something nice for my BFF.


On an unrelated note, I thought I would give you all a snapshot of how the morning went in our house. This all happened between 6:00 and 6:45 this morning ((And I will say that the DreadBrewer did help me with some of it. He gets some credit.)):

Get up, get dressed, brush my teeth and hair, wash face, make coffee, make tea, make breakfast and lunch for DB, make breakfast and lunch for LB, make breakfast and lunch for me, get LB up and dressed, change LB’s diaper, put down wet food for Ethan while fighting off the other cats ((The other cats steal his dry food and he’s getting too skinny, so we’re trying to give him wet food to fatten him back up.)), put down treats for the other BeerCats to appease them over their lack of wet food, check on Ethan and realize he’s urped wet food all over the bathroom, check on LB and realize she’s got a diaper full of poo but figure she can wait until after I clean up Ethan’s mess, clean up cat vomit, wash hands, start putting away clean dishes, remember that I haven’t changed LB’s diaper and go to do so, realize that LB is happily munching away on one of the cat treats, shrug it off (I mean, she acted like it was delicious), change LB’s diaper, wash dishes in sink, make second cup of coffee, somehow manage to get me, a redonculously heavy 9 month old, 2 lunch boxes, a purse, and a coffee mug out to the car in one trip, leave to drop LB off at daycare and head in to work.

Sometimes, I swear work seems like a sanctuary from the craziness that is our house!

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