Brew Season has officially begun!!!

So, we managed a double brew day yesterday and nobody got dead and nobody got divorced and nobody got drunk – all in all, an incredibly successful day!

As previously mentioned,my parents came up for the weekend and DB’s mom came over to help – so all the DreadBrewer and I had to concentrate on was making some delicious beer. Thank God for Grandparents! 🙂

Everything did not go off quite as smoothly as we had hoped when – halfway through the first brew – we realized we had mixed up the yeast for the two beers. So we made a 2L starter of 1056 American Ale for the Black IPA rather than a 2L starter of 1272 American Ale II (and 1L of 1272 rather than 1 of 1056, if you get my drift). So maybe our mojo isn’t perfect.

But I will say it’s damn close, since everything went off without a hitch otherwise.

God I’m glad we’re brewing again!

Also, I’d like to introduce you all to Jake, our temporary brew dog. We’ll be taking care of her while my parents are helping take care of the twins, so it’ll be a nice 8 week introduction to having a dog.

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