This is it. Today’s the day!

Okay, so this is not my normal Weight Watchers Wednesday post. This is my stepping up and committing – out loud – to doing the Whole30 Program.

Now I know there are those out there who think this is another fad diet or utter bollocks or are convinced I will fall off the wagon within minutes days.

To you I say, “Bugger off!”

I also know there are those out there who do have true food sensitivities or allergies and may be offended or irritated or whatnot that I will be going gluten- and dairy- free (and a heck of a lot of other-things-free) for 30 days because I want to, not because I have to.

To you I say, “I am not trying to belittle your situation. I’m trying to ameliorate my own.”

No, I don’t think I have food allergies. No, I don’t think the Whole30 will be a panacea for everything that is stressful and irritating and life-y in my life.

I do think that it is a very good way to press the reset button, to step back and really, truly evaluate your relationship with food and the way it impacts your general well-being.

And, you all know I’ve been in search of a project, so now I’ve got one for at least the next 30 days.

The DreadBrewer has been remarkably supportive of my decision to undertake this program, which is great. I’m pretty sure my mom thinks I’m nuts, but there are quite a few things that make her think that, I know.

I took some before photos yesterday – and I promise I will post them when I have some after photos to put next to them. I also weighed myself for the last time this morning and will post my starting weight with my end weight when the program’s finished.

You all know me – I’ll probably drive you crazy with updates and whatnot as the days go by, but I’m going to concentrate them on a new Whole30 page that will take the place of my C25K page (since that’s old news! 🙂 ). So check there to see how it’s going! And wish me luck!!!!!

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