You call this supportive?


The DreadBrewer enjoying a delicious-smelling, ooey-gooey cheesy meaty pizza and Guinness while I eat my Whole30-approved salad and drink my water ((Granted, it was a lovely salad with olives and grilled chicken and pepperoncinis. But still.)) …

I had read that days 4-7 on the Whole30 are the “angry days.” I can see that now.

In actuality, though, the DreadBrewer has been awesome so far on my sudden leap into cave-woman nutrition. He lets me cook crazy things that we’ve never had before (Kale chips, anyone?) and tells me they’re delicious. And never asks for rice or pasta or bread or anything. And he’s been great about not eating my special (read: super expensive) food from my Whole30-approved stash.

So hooray for DB! Thanks for the support buddy!


Another hooray I would like to put out there is a hooray for my sister Jessie. She’s over 35 weeks pregnant with twins and is doing so awesome. She’s even still working and having a social life! I think I would have curled up in bed and refused to move until the babies arrived. I am so proud of you, Jessie!

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