Because I’d hate to have the artificial water….

In an attempt to keep our meals from consisting of grilled chicken and broccoli for the next 30 days, I’ve been getting some awesome recipes from NomNom Paleo and PaleOMG. Unfortunately, a lot of them call for ingredients we do not normally have on hand, necessitating lots of trips to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, Target, and Harris Teeter.

My life’s a misery, shoot me now… (Said in most sarcastic voice ever! Those places are like heaven to me!!)

Anyway, so today I bought some fish sauce ((And yes, I know it is not 100% added sugar free. I refuse to spend $10 a bottle for the sugar-free crap from Amazon.)) And I was looking at the ingredients and I just thought this was hilarious:


I’m not really sure what natural water is, but I sure am glad that’s what they used in my fish sauce!


A little late…
Last weekend, the DreadBrewer and I left LB with my BFF Cris and went to Charlotte for the Panthers Game. Here are a few photos from the day.
Eating my Whole30-friendly breakfast sweet potato (I also had eggs and bacon):


DB relaxing with the newspaper:


The two of us, getting ready to pack it up and head over to the game:


We are definitely not as prepared for tailgating as my parents are. I mean, we forgot the plates and utensils, we brought 18 month old charcoal that took 35 minutes to get ready rather than 10, and our entire lunch consisted of hot dogs and sauerkraut. But we had a great time and I’m sad that we won’t make it to any more games this year. I can’t wait to bring the Littlest Brewster to her first game next year!

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