Happy Halloween!

So, as you all know, yesterday was Halloween and thus, the Littlest Brewster’s first Halloween.

So of course I had to dress her up.

I tried to be all crafty and original and cheap frugal by making her costume myself, but I’m pretty sure I spent twice as much as I would have on a commercial costume for something that looked obviously homemade. Whatever. She was still adorable. ((And if you can’t tell that she’s a black cat, you’re not my friend no mas….))

We only got to hit up one house for treats since we went out at 6, but it was our awesome neighbors Bill and Sherry, so that was okay. They even got LB a Halloween banana like I had asked, since we’re not giving her any ridiculously processed crap candy for as long as possible.

Anyway, here are the best pics from the night:





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