Over halfway there!

Today is day 17 of my Whole30 and I wanted to check in and give you all am update on how it’s going.

Well, up until I got LB’s cold this week, it was going swimmingly. The cold/sinus infection threw me for a bit of a loop but I stayed in track and am finally feeling better this morning.

Anyway, here’s a rundown in how it’s going.

Food/Eating: As it is supposed to, the program is making me more aware of how I feel when I eat nutritious, whole foods. It is also making me pay more attention to why I’m eating. ((A lot of times I want to reach for something just because I’m bored. I’m working on that…)) And I’m learning that I will not die if I get hungry. ((It’s a bit of a running joke at work that, once 11:30 hits, I act like I will die or chew my arm off if I don’t eat soon. I’m working on that, too…))

We’re eating all sorts of new vegetables and cuts of meat and exotic spices. This has definitely expanded my list of go-to foods and added to my cooking abilities. There are so many awesome paleo food blogs out there that I could cook a new, delicious meal every night of the year with no repeats. So I have no reason not to make awesome food. And the DreadBrewer has been great about letting me have free rein in the kitchen and eating whatever I create, even if its not something he typically likes.

Exercise: I was doing really well with running or walking daily (although usually without Jake; see this post). The cold sidetracked me a bit, but I will be back on the wagon again soon.

Stress Management: I’ve been trying to take my 15 minutes daily and I can usually fit it in. I’ve got a new book coming to the library this afternoon, so I know I will make time for that! I really do feel calmer and happier when I can carve out even a few minutes for myself, so I know I need to keep making it a priority.

General: The DreadBrewer says that I seem happier over the last two weeks. I feel happier. I feel excited to be doing something so positive for myself. Don’t get me wrong – life is not all puppy dogs and rainbows. I still get grumpy. I still have food cravings – for cheese in particular. I get panicky I don’t have a Whole30 plan for the day. But, I feel like overall I am calmer and happier and healthier. ((And thinner, but I’m just going on how my clothes fit. I have actually managed to resist stepping on the scale!))

So there you have it- my rambly, disjointed Whole30 update. Check back November 16 for the whole Whole30 recap! With pictures!

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