If I’m dead in the morning,

I want you all to know why.

This afternoon at work, one of my colleagues very kindly offered me some of her pistachios. I grabbed a handful on my way out the door, thinking “Oh, what a perfect snack for the drive home!” Little did I know….

I’m a weirdo different in that I like to stick the whole pistachio in my mouth, suck off all of the salt, and then actually crack it open to eat the nut. (I have also been known to eat the entire peanut, shell and all. It’s a salt thing. And no, it does not wreak havoc on your innards to eat some peanut shells.)

Well, about 1/3 of the way through, I looked at my pistachio shell as I crunched away on a nut and I saw….



…A Pistachio Worm!!!!!

I was completely freaked out. I spit out the pistachio I had been chewing into my hand and inspected it for wormy fragments. Thank God I didn’t find any. ((I may or may not have then proceeded to eat the rest of the pistachios, albeit more carefully.))

Both my mom and the DreadBrewer assure me I will not die from ingesting pistachio worm. ((Although if you look at the British Columbia Field Guide for Hunters and Anglers, there are a heck of a lot of disease you can get from ingesting other worms. I’m just saying.))  But if I do, I want the truth to be known.

It was the pistachio worm.

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