Post-Whole30 Reintroduction Fail… Or was it?

Saturday night, Cris and I went to my former boss’ retirement party. (Side note: Barbara was one of the best bosses I have ever had. She was the shit and I hope she thoroughly enjoys her retirement.)

Since I’m done with the Whole30, I decided to go a little crazy and I had half a beer. And a little dairy, in the form of ranch dressing on my salad. (A whole whopping tablespoon or so…)

And then I went a lot crazy and got a hot cocoa from Starbucks. I drank about 1/5 of it before…

…my stomach started to hurt SO BADLY.

I swear I barely made it home, I felt so horrible.

I stumbled up to bed where I proceeded to be miserable all. night. long.

I was so upset and cursing myself, since I knew it was my fault for not slooooowly reintroducing those foods after my Whole30. Why, oh why didn’t I follow Whole9’s reintroduction schedule!?!?!?

Sunday morning I woke up and still felt crappy.

But, joy of joys, the DreadBrewer and the Littlest Brewster felt sick too.

Now, before you go off on me for what a jerk that makes me, I want you to realize what that meant to me. It meant that I was NOT having a horrific reaction to the little bit of beer and dairy I had eaten. It meant that we had simply gotten that horrible stomach bug that was going around and that I could potentially still have beer and dairy without issue!!!

I am happy to report that everyone in the house is feeling much better now. While it sucked, at least it was short lived.

So we’ll see how it goes next time I decide to try beer. Hopefully much better! ‘Cuz I’d be one sad BrewsterMama if I never had another homebrew…

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