We don’t call her the Littlest Brewster for nothing! And a bit of a rant…

The other day, LB got to “help” her daddy rack a beer! She thought it was very interesting and did her level best to contaminate the beer make the process go more smoothly for us.

Next up for her – bottling! (Ha!)


And now for the rant….

I will NOT be spending Thanksgiving day with my awesome husband and daughter tomorrow because I will be flying cross country to be with my mom.

Who, despite the fact that she has had her full allotment of “shitty” for the year rest of her life, got another heaping spoonful yesterday when she fell and broke her hip. Almost 3000 miles from. home. While trying to help her daughter who has 1 week old twins.

I was actually really looking forward to the holidays this year. I was looking forward to having LB’s first Thanksgiving and first Christmas (Well, technically her second but she was 3 days old the last time. So this will be her “first Christmas with a clue.”) I am not a big holiday person, so this was a bit of a change for me.

And now Thanksgiving’s out. The DreadBrewer and his mom will just have to tackle the 14 pound turkey without me.

It’s just not fair. Not for my Mom and Dad. Not for Jessie and John. Not for the Littlest Brewster and her Daddy. Not for Mike and Sarah. Not for my mother-in-law. Not for anyone.

Ugh. Sometimes I hate the holidays.

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