11 Month Update

Can you believe that, in one short month, the Littlest Brewster will be celebrating her first birthday?!?

But let’s not jump the gun, people. We have her 11 month update to worry about first! 🙂

A run down on what she’s doing now:
Weight: LB clocks in at a hefty 24.8 pounds, per our home scale.

Height: Using our most precise methods of measurement (i.e. hold a hand up at the top of hers and measure from there to the ground) LB is now 28 inches tall.

Teeth: No news on the tooth front. She’s still got 4 up top and 2 down low, with no hints of anymore on their way. I’m okay with putting off teething for a bit longer….

Walking: LB is getting to be SO good at walking without assistance! It’s amazing how much she improved within a few days of taking her first real steps. She still crawls a lot of the time because its just so much faster and more efficient than walking, but I feel like that’ll change soon enough. Also, I’ve never seen her stand up without using something to pull up on, which could be slowing her down a bit. Kinda hard to walk if you can’t get into standing position, right? (Although DB says he has seen her stand up in her own.) **Okay, since originally starting this post, I have now seen her stand up on her own a few times. Craziness that she got that down in, like, 48 hours…**

Talking: The Littlest Brewster’s favorite word, in my opinion, is baby. Everything and everyone is baby. Well, except her dad, who is occasionally Dad or Da as well. She does say Mom (particularly when shes upset) and I swear she said daycare the other day (although it sounded like “dah-cah”). She will also roar when you open this one book to a picture of a tiger, which is just so cute it kills me. A lot of her time is spent making indiscriminate noises – grunts, squeals, roars, random syllables – I think that’s what kids this age are supposed to do, but it’s unintelligible to me.

Food/Bottles: Still on three meals + a snack + 3 bottles a day. New foods in the last month include grapes, pork, and turkey; naturally she loved all three. She’s starting to be a huge pain in the butt, though, when it comes to feeding her things with a spoon. She wants to hold the spoon herself but doesn’t know how to get food onto the spoon. But she doesn’t want your help. So DB and I have a tendency to give her finger foods just so we don’t have to fight with her about it. She’ll probably be the only kid in kindergarten that still can’t use a spoon because we took the easy way out…

Sleeping: LB goes to bed around 6:30 every night and sleeps until 6:00 the next morning. People are always surprised that she goes to bed so early, but believe me – by 6:15 she is done. Everyone is much happier with an early bedtime. Naps are still two-a-day, but that’ll change when she moves up to the toddler room in a month or so. They all nap from 12 to 2:30 whether they like it or not.

And now for the 11 month photo! She’s getting so big, I can’t stand it! She thought that getting in and out of the Boppy was hilarious, so it took a bit of work to get a reasonable picture. Also, the mark on her nose is her first real boo-boo that came from face planting on the playground while working on her mad walking skills.

And here are a few pictures that didn’t make the cut for “official photo” but I thought they were cute enough to include anyway.

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