A whirlwind trip to Hood River

So I got back late late late last night from Hood River. I am so glad to be home!

But, I actually had a really good time with my family (despite the whole “missing my husband and daughter terribly” thing…). I mean, I got to cook meals, help take care of babies, and do a little old-school hospital nursing like I haven’t done in a few years. What’s not to enjoy?

Jessie and John are doing really well with the twins. I still think they’re a little overwhelmed at how different it is from the expectations. I mean, you think you know what it’s going to be like – the lack of sleep, the babies’ utter helplessness and dependence on you, the fact that you are doing nothing else but take care of them – but you don’t. And there is no way that someone else can explain it to you well enough beforehand that you truly know what you’re in for. You have to just get out there in the trenches and do it. And it sucks, at least for a while. But it does get better and it’s totally worth it. And I think they’re already doing fabulously. And I’m really proud of their commitment to breast feeding.

My mom is actually doing really well, too. Physical Therapy is amazed at how well she’s walking; they even let her try a few stairs the other day, which is awesome. She’s being a total trooper and I’m really proud of her for her hard work. It will be nice when she comes home to North Carolina, though and it’s not 12 hours of travel to see my parents.

Before we get to the best part of the post (pictures of wee little babies!!!!), I should give a “Good Job Buddy!” to the DreadBrewer. He did a great job taking care of the Littlest Brewster while I was gone. I came home to a reasonably clean house, everyone was fed and healthy and happy, he didn’t complain (too much 😉 ) about being on his own for days and days…. heck, he even managed to sneak in a brew session on Saturday! Wait a second… I don’ t know if I like not being integral to the functioning of the household…. Hmmmmm…. 😡

Anyways, here are the pictures from the trip. I can’t get over how tiny Adrian and Cecilia are for being so huge for twins! Their butts are so tiny it’s almost a waste to use a whole wipe on it – I wanted to tear it in half and save the rest for later! (I didn’t. I promise.) Given that LB was a behemoth when she was born, I’ve never really taken care of babies that size. It is a whole different experience diapering a two week old that weighs 9+ pounds versus a two week old that weighs 6 pounds and change…

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