We got the all clear… Sort of…

Ever since the doctor told us Saturday night that LB was basically having an asthma attack (even if it is clearly virus-induced), I have been semi-freaking out because I do not want her to be the kid with asthma.

**Disclaimer: Nothing against you if you were the kid with asthma. Nothing against kids with asthma in general. It’s just not what ever came up in my mind when I listed “Things I want for my child.”**

So we took her to the pediatrician on Monday for a recheck. And our doctor said that kids basically get three strikes before they’re diagnosed as asthmatic and that this is LB’s first strike. Two more episodes of illness-induced wheezing and that’s it. Boo hiss.

The good news is that we got the okay to switch to PRN nebulizer treatments instead of around the clock. We’ve been doing a morning and an evening treatment and that seems to be holding her pretty good. She still sounds kinda junky when she wakes up in the mornings, so I think she’s got at least a few more days of a.m. nebs.

Its funny and totally heart-wrenching to do the neb treatments – she wants to get away from the machine SO BADLY but all you have to do is put your hand on her arm and she totally stops flailing about. She still cries hysterically the entire time, but it’s like she knows that she has to endure it. And then when she’s done, she wants to cuddle up on you, despite the fact that you just subjected her to 10 minutes of torture. Both DB and I were amazed that she doesn’t seem to hold anything against us; I wonder if she knows that we’re only trying to help?

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