Finally back on the East Coast!

My parents are finally back on the East Coast, thank God!

Granted, I know my parents really enjoyed their trip to the West Coast (with the exception of the whole broken-hip thing). And I know Jessie and John enjoyed seeing them and having them there to help, albeit briefly, with the twins.

But I am spoiled. And I am used to being able to call my mom on my way to work, which I couldn’t do because that would have been 4:30 PST. And I am used to being able to ask my dad to come help DB with a particularly big or difficult project, which I couldn’t do because the spare set of hands (not to mention the trailer they own 🙂 ) were 3000 miles away.

But as of last Monday, my parents are back. And as of today, we’ve had our first visit with them in almost two months. (Also as of today, Jake is back in Charlotte with my dad and I may or may not be relieved that she’s gone….)

My parents’ friends (who are now our friends) Pat & Charlotte also came to visit today, which was nice as we haven’t seen them since last January. I was particularly impressed as this is the first time in the history of my remembering that we’ve gotten together with them and they or my parents have not brought up the incident where I pooped in their pool. ((Yes, I know it’s a funny story. No, I’m not embarrassed by it. I just think that telling the story every. single. time. is a little excessive…))

Anywho, here are a few pictures of the day 🙂




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