Christmas Decorations!!

I’ve never been a big Christmas decorator in the past. Hell, I’ve never been much of a fan of Christmas in the past. Too much stress, too many unrealized expectations, too much everything. It was always system overload and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. ((With the exception of reading my family’s Reader’s Digest Book of Christmas. It has to be 40 years old and I read it from cover to cover every year. I even read the oh-so-typical 70s recipe section and the hokey DIY crafts yearly. I love that book.))

But I’m really feeling it this year. ((That could be related to the fact that I’m excited on LB’s behalf as well…))

Technically last year was LB’s first Christmas. Technically.

I mean, she was three days old, for Pete’s sake, so I don’t really count it. This is her first Christmas in my book, which is all that matters.

So here are my all out, over the top decorations that I have undertaken on her behalf. Prepare to be overwhelmed!

Our ornament tree of authentic German Wedding Ornaments, a wedding gift from DB’s mom (And yes, that’s a wedding photo in the background. And no, I did not plan that.):


Our Jim Shore nativity scene (I love me some Jim Shore…):


Our Stockings, which include all 5 BeerCats (Yes, Snotter gets a stocking too!):


And our tree! This is the first year ever that DB and I have had a real tree. I spent a fortune on this stand because I felt like it might possibly, just maybe, could perhaps stand up to 4 cats and a one year old. So far, 24 hours in, it seems to be holding it’s own…. We have a ton of lovely Christopher Radko ornaments because its one of my mom’s traditions to get us a symbolic ornament every year. And now we finally have somewhere to put them!

Oh, and we got our tree for $20 at Lowes!!! Could it get any better?!?

Anyway, enough dithering, here’s the tree:


And yes, that’s LB having a lie down in front of the tree. 🙂 So far, she’s done pretty well at leaving it alone. We’ll see how the next 28 days go… ((And yes, it’s 28 days, not 15. Good Catholics (which I am not) don’t take their tree down until the Epiphany. Being a CEO (Christmas & Easter Only) sort-of Catholic, I feel compelled to leave it up extra-long to make up for other oversights… Hopefully the Big Guy will understand, rather than see right through me.))

That and a few garlands out front conclude our Christmas decorations. I will say that I think the tree makes it. I can’t wait until next year when we plan to take LB to the farmer’s market to pick out a local tree and berate argue haggle bargain them down!

So, who’s with me on leaving the decorations up until January 6th (be it from good ol’ fashioned Catholic guilt or a never say die holiday spirit)? Who’s in the “December 26th and its by the curb” camp?

I love comments! Feel free to leave one!

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