When being a brewer pays off

You never know when it’s going to come in handy to be a homebrewer.

But it sure paid off last night.

The 5-gallon buckets that came with our original “Getting Started” kit and our Star-San dishpan were perfect for hauling the dripping clothes out of our broken washing machine to the upstairs bathroom.

Then, they were perfect for hauling the rinsed and wrung clothes back downstairs to the dryer.

They also came in pretty handy for getting the soapy, dirty water out of the now-defunct washer.

Of course, after the DreadBrewer and I hauled around 50 pounds of wet clothes, broke our backs rinsing and wringing ((I could go back in time and kiss the man who invented the modern day washer.)), and spent forever and a day getting all of the water out of the washer, it started working again. Of course.

Granted, it has sort of a funny electrical smell, so neither of us are betting on its longevity.

Christmas washer, anyone?

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