Sushi Night!!!

Last night was sushi night at the Brewer house. This is always an occasion for celebration.

See, the DreadBrewer and I love sushi.

Like, really really really love sushi.

This leads to a never-ending cycle where we don’t go out for sushi very often because we love it so much, and are such unbelievable sushi-gluttons, that we spend an inordinate amount of money at the sushi restaurant. But then, when we do go out for sushi, we go all out because we don’t go out for sushi very often. But then we spend so much on sushi, we can’t go out for sushi very often… You get the idea, right?

Well, we have come up with an almost perfect solution for the sushi dilemma!

Whole Paycheck WholeFoods has sashimi grade salmon for sale, which is our favorite! (With the exception of toro. We love toro… But they don’t usually sell that at grocery stores.) The first time we bought it, I was a little nervous that it wouldn’t be as good as the sashimi we get at Sushi Thai, which is one of the best sushi restaurants ever. But it was! And it’s only $16.99 a pound!

Now, I know $16.99 sounds like a lot, but let’s do the math. $13 for 0.75 LB sushi, $2.50 for edamame, $3.50 for potstickers, sushi rice ($1.50 for 1/4 of the bag), free wasabi and pickled ginger I steal get from the WholeFoods sushi counter, and free broccoli or spinach from our garden = roughly $21.00 for the whole meal!! This, in comparison to the $75 we can spend at Sushi Thai, is a steal! We can have sushi all. the. time.

We don’t though. We have it about once a month, which I think is totally reasonable.

So, whenever we make sushi, I make a batch of sushi rice (I know that seems like a “No shit, Sherlock.” sort of statement, but making sushi rice was kinda scary at first.) We make 1 cup of rice in 1.5 cups water and toss with 1 Tbsp rice vinegar + 3/4 Tbsp sugar + 1/4 tsp salt. Then, because I am anal retentive detail-oriented, I press the rice into a wax paper lined 8 x 8 pan to make it uniform…

And then I cut it into rectangles, ready for slices of delicious fish.

We load up the rectangles with our sliced salmon (we usually keep my half plain, since I’m trying to stay grain-free).

We always get edamame and potstickers. The DreadBrewer is the only one who eats the potstickers but I do share the edamame. I know it’s not strictly Paleo, but whatever.

And here are our sushi night plates! It is always the highlight of our week, if not the month.

Sushi night! (In a mostly Paleo friendly style!)

If you’re a sushi-fiend like we are, go to your nearest WholeFoods and give it a try!

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