Well said, John.

So, for those of you who didn’t know, my brother-in-law John has his own blog over at Positively Glorious. (Now if you read and like it, don’t get all anxious and moony waiting for new posts. He’s not as obsessive forthcoming with posts as I am. Granted, he perhaps puts more hours into his posts than I do, but that’s a fundamental difference in blogging style and not a reflection on either of us a a person.)

Anyway, he wrote a wickedly awesome post about my mom today.

Seriously, it’s awesome. And true.

When I first read the introductory bit, I got all offended and bristly as I am wont to do.

But then I read the rest and I realized I wasn’t mad, I was laughing. And I was touched. And I was nodding my head in agreement.

So here’s the link to his post, which very accurately sums up my mother: The Wake of a Battleship

God I love her and miss her and in my amnesiac state, per John, I have a hard time remembering that she wasn’t a saint.

She was Barbara.

And I think she was pretty great.

Now for all of you who are quite possibly tired of hearing/reading about my mom, I am actually planning on posting some stuff about the Littlest Brewster’s birthday and Christmas very soon. (i.e. tomorrow or Wednesday)

So check back in for the happy antics of LB and the rest of the Brewer family.

And have a Merry Christmas! It’s what my mom would have wanted.

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