Birthday and Christmas Pictures

It was a whirlwind couple of days for the Littlest Brewster, what with celebrating her first birthday on Saturday and then Christmas on Tuesday.

Naturally I snapped a gajillion photos ((Okay, so maybe not a gajillion. But there were over 100 photos on my camera for me to download this afternoon. Again, I can’t help it. It’s like a compulsion….)) Here are the best photos from the two celebrations.

A few things about the pictures:

  • In the picture where we’re assembling the car, notice the glass of homebrew in the foreground. 🙂 Because alcohol always makes following complicated directions easier.
  • When I told my dad that it took 40 minutes to assemble the car, he scoffed and informed us that he used to spend hours assembling our stuff. I will point out that LB made it more difficult because she kept trying to climb in the car as it was being put together.
  • On Christmas, after we changed her dress for black pants, doesn’t she look like Marcel Marceau?

Anyways. We had a good time both days, if a little more reserved than usual. The Littlest Brewster got so many gifts from her loving family members that we haven’t opened them all yet. We figure she doesn’t know what day is her birthday or Christmas, so why not space out the joy a bit?

She had her 12 month well visit yesterday, so I’m working on the next update. Per usual, she’s changed a lot in just a few short weeks. Check back soon to see exactly how!

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