12 Month Update! (Almost 2 weeks late!)

I simply cannot wrap my mind around the fact that I no longer have a baby… I have a toddler.

The Littlest Brewster only arrived one short year ago (give or take a bit – I’ve been busy!) but it seems like she has been a part of our lives forever. Neither the DreadBrewer nor I can remember what exactly we did before she came along. We figure we must have had a hell of a lot of extra time and money, but neither of us can prove it. And we certainly don’t have it now. 🙂

Anyway, here are LB’s most recent stats from her 12 month well check:
Weight: 25 lbs 5 oz (90th percentile – actually down a bit, percentile-wise, from her last visit)
Height: 31 inches (95th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.25 inches (82nd percentile)

Here’s a run down on what she’s been doing/learning/wearing/trying:

Clothing/Diapers: I went through and packed up the last of the 12-month clothes yesterday afternoon. If we want her to wear something for more than a week, we have to buy at least the 24-month size. The 18-month stuff fits but it’s getting pretty tight. We also had to switch her to size 5 Pampers; although the box says that size 4 is good until 30 lbs or so, she was starting to get diaper rash (which we have learned always means its time to go up a size). Size 5 = happy heiney.

Walking/Climbing/Stairs: The Littlest Brewster is a walking machine. She’s getting so fast and so steady on her feet. Except for when it’s close to bed time and she’s tired – then she’s much more unsteady and prone to falling. But other than a scraped up nose around Thanksgiving, she has yet to have any real ouchies from falling. (Knock on wood. I probably just jinxed us.) I’ve heard all these horror stories about kids climbing out of their cribs, but LB has shown no interest in that. She does love to climb stairs and she’s super fast. We let her climb up every night to her bath and she thinks its so much fun. Just say “Beanie, it’s bath time!” and she toddles over to the gate and waits for you to let her up. Going down is still really hard for her, probably because we don’t practice that. Maybe we should start…

Formula/Food: Yesterday was actually our first day of going cold-turkey with switching LB’s midday bottle for a sippy cup of milk. It did not go particularly well, but we are going to be strong and we will prevail. (Or so we tell ourselves.) She still gets a first thing in the morning bottle and a bedtime bottle, but those will be cut out at some point soonish. The morning bottle will probably go once we’re firmly in the lunchtime sippy cup camp (a month, perhaps?) but both DB and I are a little more reluctant to cut out the nighttime one. It’s such a nice way to end the day, with a bottle and a cuddle, that we’re okay with keeping it for a bit longer.

New foods this last month… Well, I can’t even remember them all. The ones I can remember are: artichokes, bacon, blueberry scone, capers, carrot cake and icing, cookie (Not our choice), creamed spinach, English muffin, ham and cheese sandwich, homemade baked almond-flour cod fish sticks from fresh whole cod filets ((These were DB’s words, not mine. He insisted.)), Gorgonzola, grapes, ketchup, mac and cheese, mayonnaise, raisins, sweet potato tater tots. ((Some of these might be repeats from last month. Its hard to keep up with what she has and hasn’t tried.)) As you can see, she’s has a well rounded palate and is willing to try (and eat) pretty much anything. It’s a lot easier to feed her now that she eats pretty much whatever we eat.

Teeth: We knew she was getting two more teeth on the bottom, to bring the total up to eight. We did not know (until the pediatrician told us) that she is also working on four molars. Two are essentially through the gums and two are very close. (No wonder she’s been a little grumpy….) We brush all of our teeth every night before bed, which she likes and helps us do by saying “Aaaaahhhhh” the whole time we’re doing it. I’m thinking about working on being better at morning brushing too as the child has some pretty wicked morning breath. Sadly, the am is rather hectic and it may be a bit before we figure out how to work it into our schedule.

Sleeping: Up until recently, the Littlest Brewster was a sleeping superstar. She went down at 6:30 and slept, without a peep, until 6:00. She was also on a 2 shorter nap or 1 long nap per day schedule. The last 2 weeks have really frotzed with her schedule and we are working on getting it back on track. (Note to self: Sleeping in the same room as LB is a bad, bad idea. She does not understand why you are two feet away and lying there, ignoring her, for hours.) Hopefully this is a very temporary setback and we will have our good sleeper back in no time.

General Likes/Dislikes:
The Littlest Brewster likes: the cats (she’s learning how to pet gently), throwing balls ((Overhand only, as DB points out. Apparently this is important.)), putting things in and out of boxes, waving/saying bye-bye, eating, being with Mommy and Daddy, carrying/patting/rocking her Gigi (what she calls her various stuffed animals), her Cozy Coupe, stomping her feet to music or when she’s excited, clapping, and bath time.
The Littlest Brewster does not like: being ignored or forced into independent play, being told no, having the stair-gate shut, having the fridge door shut, being given medicine, or being fed by spoon by someone other than herself.

I tried to put in extra info this month as it was such a momentous update. 🙂

And here is her 12-month photo:


Crazy to think that not too long ago, she looked like this:


I’m gong to keep doing these for a while because she changes so much in just a few short weeks, so stay tuned for the 1.1 year (13 month?) update!

2 thoughts on “12 Month Update! (Almost 2 weeks late!)

    • I know! It’s so much fun to look back and compare photos.

      I had this grand idea of doing a daily picture in the same position and turning it into some sort of stop-action movie, but monthly pictures were about the best I could do. 🙂

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