I need a goal.

Or more accurately, I constantly need goals.


If I have a goal (particularly a public one, like my Whole30 or Couch-to-5K goals), I am on it like white on rice. I’m motivated, enthusiastic, happy – it’s crazy.

Particularly because, as soon as I have achieved said goal, all of that is gone. Gone, gone, gone.

I think one of the reasons I loved school so much (and why I would ever consider going back) is that it’s a constant cycle of goals and achievement and satisfaction and goals…

Since I completed the C25K and Whole30, and particularly over the last few very stressful weeks, I have been drifting a bit. My eating habits are back to where they were before I ever even heard of Paleo. ((Although anyone who says that they have successfully stayed Paleo while fending off the sympathy baked goods from fellow mourners is full of shit, in my opinion. A nibble or a tidbit will make its way into your mouth at some point.)) My exercise is essentially nonexistent. I have no motivation. I feel… aimless.

Enter January 1st. Well, January 2nd in my case. ((Because if I have to pick a day to get back on the good living wagon, it sure as heck isn’t going to be the last day that both my husband and I are off work and can share a celebratory, welcome-in-the-new-year beer…))

Starting today, I want to restart the C25K and Whole30 programs. Amazingly, the DreadBrewer is totally fine with my turning our kitchen upside-down again and on board with doing extra LB-duty so I can run.

I have felt so utterly powerless and rudderless and whatever-less lately that I think he’s willing to let me do whatever I feel like I need to do to get my happy back. I’m willing to do whatever needs to be done.

And knowing myself as I do, I know what I need.

So it’s back on the Paleo & running wagon as of today. Having slogged through both programs with me once before, Lord knows you do not need daily updates on my progress. But what good is a goal if no one knows about it? Thus I will maybe update weekly, just to give myself some accountability.

And of course, there will be before and after pictures at the end. Hooray! More pictures of the BrewsterMama in a sports bra! đŸ™‚

Oh, and my only other goal/New Year’s Resolution this year is to floss daily. For those of you who say that they never keep their resolutions, this one is totally keepable. Give it a try and see how long you can make it!

One thought on “I need a goal.

  1. Hooray for goals! And for pics of you in a sports bra! Maybe I’ll do the C25K with you once we get home.

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