Battle of the sexes?

Fundamental difference in the male mind vs. the female mind:

I just asked the DreadBrewer to sweep the kitchen.

He crab-crawled around, picked up the visibly enormous bits, and called it a day.

And he was then baffled when I said that didn’t count.

Do we even speak the same language? Sometimes I wonder…

But then I just came downstairs from giving LB a bath and found this waiting for me:


And I’m like, “Who gives a crap about sweeping?!? My husband gives me beer!” ((And yes, I know beer isn’t Whole30 compliant. Look for a post on that on Monday…))

2 thoughts on “Battle of the sexes?

  1. I feel the same way about sweeping, but I have to admit just last night I picked the big bits off the carpet instead of vacuuming. But then again, that’s really just because of the babies: that took 20 seconds vs. the 2 minutes that I don’t have usually!

    • Everyone knows you get special dispensation on chores when you have an infant! 🙂

      I officially ❤ that you comment so frequently!

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